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Ravindra Singh, the visionary director of Sydney Tile Art, has been a dedicated collector of thousands of exquisite Sydney tile art pieces since 2000. His passion for preserving the city's cultural heritage led him to forge a remarkable partnership with the main manufacturer, Hoganas. With an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail, he carefully curates each tile to celebrate the iconic Sydney Opera House and other landmarks.

Under his leadership, Sydney Tile Art has become synonymous with artistic excellence and historical significance. Through his vast collection, he shares the magic of Sydney's architecture, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Exclusive & Unique Artwork on Authentic "Sydney" Tiles which are the same as on the Sydney Opera House

Our company is the only company that has the unique and exclusive Sydney tiles available for commercial use in the world 

Sydney Tile Art has exclusive license to market the "Sydney" tiles in Australia.

There is limited stock available of the tiles due to the closure of the manufacturing plant in Sweden.

"Sydney" is the name given to the tiles by the manufacturing company Hoganas in Sweden at the time when the company worked jointly with the world famous architect Jorn Utzon designing the unique roof tile for the protection of the world famous sculpture and masterpiece of the 20th century as well as Australia's icon. 

The "Sydney" Tile is what makes the roof the most impressive aspect of the Sydney Opera House. UNESCO 2007 - The World heritage committee stated: the Sydney Opera House is indisputable masterpiece of human creativity, not only in the 20th century but in the history of mankind. 



Each tile in the magnificent collection of Sydney Tile Art boasts its distinctive series number, a testament to its authenticity and uniqueness. The series number serves as an irrefutable proof of its origin, ensuring that every piece hails directly from the iconic Sydney Opera House project. Moreover, these exceptional tiles were exclusively manufactured by the renowned Hoganas, a company that has now passed into history, adding an extra layer of historical significance to each tile. Preserving the legacy of Hoganas, Sydney Tile Art continues to celebrate the architectural marvels of the past, bringing a piece of Sydney's heritage into the present for enthusiasts to cherish.

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