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The Sydney Opera House stands as a living testament to architectural innovation and cultural significance. Its history dates back to the mid-20th century when Danish architect Jørn Utzon's groundbreaking design won an international competition. Construction, however, wasn't without challenges, taking over 14 years to complete. The building's iconic sail-like shells have become a symbol of Sydney and an engineering marvel.


In 2007, it earned UNESCO World Heritage Site status, solidifying its place in history. Today, the Sydney Opera House is not just a performance venue but an emblem of artistry, hosting world-class events and inspiring creativity globally. Sydney Tile Art preserves this history, allowing you to bring a piece of this iconic legacy into your space.



The roof of the Sydney Opera House has a whopping 1,056,000 glazed-white granite tiles that have been imported from Sweden. They are meant to be self-cleaning in nature.

The impressive and subtle chevron pattern has glossy white-matte & cream-coloured tiles manufactured by Höganäs AB. These ceramic tiles are fungus-proof and the white and cream finish catches the light & mirrors the sky from dawn to dusk, every single day of the year.

What you see now are the magnificent white shell-shaped roof structures that have spans which are clearly expressed by the folds and ribs in the design. The geometrical shape is very evident in the roofing and the large number of special Swedish concrete tiles adds to the distinguished look of the building. The entire structure of the roof is expressive and very few buildings in the world can claim to be more impressive than the unique Sydney Opera House.

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